Ministries at St. Anne


All ministry is for the service of the Church and the wider world, a participation in the ministry of Christ the Servant who, after washing the feet of his disciples urges them, and us, one and all: “As I have done for you, you should do also” (John 13:15).



Our actions are an expression of the threefold mission of every baptized Christian: prophet, priest and king. We minister according to our gifts, the gifts that we were each given by God. 



If you wish to join any of the Ministries, please contact the Parish Office.


                                                    Altar Servers Ministry



This ministry encourages the young people from Grades three and up to become active in the Eucharistic celebration and to inspire them to serve God and their Parish community.


This ministry has encouraged the involvement of both boys and girls. The servers are able to assist in wedding liturgies and other celebrations when notified. The servers are required to follow a schedule and to make any arrangements if they are unable to fulfill their obligation at Mass.

                                               Bible Study Group


This group strengthens and renews faith through shared reflections on the Scripture readings.  A willingness and ability to listen and share with others is important in this ministry. The meetings are usually for two hours a week, on Tuesdays.



                            Children's Liturgy 


This ministry presents the Word of God at a level the children of the Parish can understand. This program runs from September to May. Adult and youth volunteers from the Parish carry out this ministry, with the help of resources prepared for them. Materials and preparation are provided for volunteers. Good listening and communication skills, creativity and patience, are required.  Adults and youth are encouraged to join this ministry.



                      Development and Peace


This ministry looks for social justice for people.  They help to provide information and formulate action within the Parish to push for equality among all people.  The ministry is focused on the concept of ecological justice.   The focus is on the efforts of exploitation of natural resources so that people today and future generations can have access to resources so they can meet their basic needs.




     Eucharistic Ministers To The Sick and at Church


This ministry is one of service. Through the administering of Holy Communion to the parishioners, the Eucharistic ministers give praise and thanks to God.    People are invited to help us at our retirement home, Lafontaine Terrace and A.R. Goudie Nursing Home with the monthly Mass and visitation.



                            Funeral Ministers


This ministry provides the Parish Community with Altar Servers, Lectors and/or Ministers of the Eucharist for Funeral Masses. The present ministry is made up of retired men and women of the Parish who wish to serve in this capacity.



                              Funeral Choir


This ministry enhances the liturgy and to communicate God's love and compassion through music, to the family and friends of the deceased.






This ministry calls its participants to grow in faith through the knowledge and study of Scripture, and to proclaim the Word of the Lord to God's people. The Lector must be spiritually prepared to communicate the Word of God. Communicating the emotional, intellectual and aesthetic dimensions of the passage are critical elements of the Lector's responsibilities. The Coordinators of this ministry prepare a schedule various times during the year to assure the help of the Lectors.




                        Liturgical Decorating


This ministry involves the arranging and care of flowers in the Church, and in particular for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Creative ideas about colours, flowers, and arrangement of liturgical symbols would be helpful.




                             Music Ministry


This ministry encourages participation in the singing of the responses,

the parts of the Mass and the hymns that make up our Eucharistic celebration.  We offer 3 Music Ministries, the Senior Choir, the Folk Choir and the Children’s Choir. 



                       Parish Pastoral Council



This ministry offers assistance and advice to the Pastor regarding issues of a pastoral and spiritual nature affecting the Parish at large. The responsibilities and activities of the Pastoral Council are varied and wide ranging.



                         Social Committee


This dedicated group works and organizes our social functions here at St. Anne’s Parish.    These include our monthly coffee Sundays, Card Party, Spaghetti Dinner, and Funeral Services to name a few.  This ministry meets monthly to discuss ways to encourage functions that will unite our Parish community. 



                   St. Vincent de Paul Society



This ministry gives assistance to those less fortunate in terms of food. The visitation of the disadvantaged is the focus of continual effort of the volunteers. The Society also gathers non-perishable food items to share with those who are in need. Our parishioners assist the needy through a monthly collection. Meeting: They are held once a month on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Meeting Room.





This ministry is responsible for greeting and welcoming the parishioners into our Church.  They are also responsible for taking up the offering during Mass. 



                              Youth Ministry

Our youth program is currently on hold due to the resignation of the program coordinator.  St. Anne’s is looking for interested parties to help organize this worthwhile youth endeavour.  Interested applicants please contact the rectory.  The commitment can be as much or as little as you have to give; meetings are flexible and can be adapted to your schedule.  Your gift of time will make a difference to our young people. 

  Thank you!


This dedicated group of adults and teens reach out to the young parishioners of St. Anne’s Parish. Together with the youth they plan and participate in events - spiritual, cultural, athletic and social.   The age of this group is for Grades 6, 7 and 8.  There is no preregistration to join.