Our youth program is currently on hold due to the resignation of the program coordinator.  St. Anne’s is looking for interested parties to help organize this worthwhile youth endeavour.  Interested applicants please contact the rectory.  The commitment can be as much or as little as you have to give; meetings are flexible and can be adapted to your schedule.  Your gift of time will make a difference to our young people.  Thank you.

AWAKE is a dedicated group of adults and teens who reach out to the young parishioners of St. Anne's Parish. Together with the youth they plan and participate in events- spiritual, cultural, athletic and social. The age of this group is for Grades 6,7 and 8. There is not preregistration to join.                    

There is no pre-registrationJust drop in, all are welcome.

"Next Awake Youth Group"

 fund raiser CAR WASH, following the 11:00 a.m. Mass – the proceeds will assist them for their Family Year End Celebration!

Date: Sunday June 8th, 2013 Smileycons!

Time: 11:00 a.m.  Smileycons!

Where: St. Annes Parish Hall  Smileycons! Smileycons! Smileycons! Smileycons!

 (Fund raiser CAR WASH, following the 11:00 a.m. Mass – the proceeds will assist them for their Family Year End Celebration!)

Email: stannesawake@gmail.com    

Check out our facebook page in the coming weeks for updates.

"... we must not be content to remain in the enclosure of the ninety-nine sheep, we have to "step outside", to search for the lost sheep together with Him, the one furthest away. Remember well: stepping outside of ourselves, like Jesus, like God has stepped outside of Himself in Jesus and Jesus stepped outside of Himself for all of us." Pope Francis 


   Photo's submitted by  Carol Ruddick 2013


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              "AWAKE Youth volunteers at St.Anne's 3rd annual Spaghetti Dinner" 

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The youth shared the many different ways we can share our faith with those around us -- it's not always by the spoken word but through our actions and by serving others. Paper Toss and Mafia were among the favourite games we played. Jake, Dante and Vanessa did some great improv for our skit, "Cloud Witness". The grade 8's did an awesome job along with our CORE team running the games for the afternoon. We are grateful and thankful for all who made our 2nd AWAKE meeting a success. xoxo

We got together this past Sunday Dec 15th for part 1 of our Advent celebration.
The AWAKE youth prepared to share the hope, joy and goodwill of the season, with the residents of the AR Goudie Eventide Home. We made crafts, gifts and wrote over 80 Christmas cards to share with the residents of the home. Our CORE team did an awesome job leading the games and manning the different craft stations. We enjoyed each others company,sang some Christmas Carols and had a great time
-- Our youth Rocks!! 
!Hope! !Joy! !Love!

On Wednesday Dec 18th 2013, the AWAKE youth met after the final bell at St.Anne's School and walked over to AR Goudie Eventide Home. We were full of good cheer and ready to wish the residents a Merry Christmas, give them cards and crafts and cheer them up with some Christmas Carols. We had lot's more photos but for privacy reasons we cannot post the ones with residents that reside at the home. Zeke's grandmother appears in the photos posted here. Our youth were AMAZING once again and made every senior smile and some even joined in the Carolling with us. 
Afterwards the youth were treated to some juice and cookies by the Kim(Director of Programs and Support at the home)
Merry Christmas Everyone !!


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